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Syberzen applies next generation technology to secure enterprises by using RIGHT weight cyber security solutions. Our intent is to provide best-in-class, niche security solutions with a clear sectorial focus including our esteemed SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises). Syberzen’s mission is to provide scalable, cost-effective, and flexible solutions that help improve security posture and make organizations resilient.

Today organizations IT environment is moving towards digital and rapid cloud adoption and hence brings within its own problem of security challenges. 

About Syberzen Cyber Security Services

With more and more systems which interact both with internal and external world, cyber risk has increased many fold. We just cannot have preventive approach anymore and have to move towards more proactive and constant monitoring to identify and prevent attack on IT Network and its infrastructure.

We deliver this through different delivery models basically focusing on the depth and breadth of coverage needed for your organization. Based on the assessment of threat and the infrastructure that needs to be monitored we will custom build your security operations coverage.

Basic Coverage Solutions around anti-ransomware, Email gateway, IPS/IDS, Firewall defense to more advanced areas like Threat Hunting, User Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA), Response and Remediation, End-Point Detection and Response (EDR), Threat Intelligence and Threat Analytics & predictive engine.