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Cyber Security has today become a critical business requirement for corporates to get insight into and strategize to effectively combat the threat. All business applications (Both web and mobile), networks and on-premises & cloud infrastructure need proactive identification of flaws across these environments for security risks associated with them for business systems to prevent customer lawsuits, statutory compliance, loss of reputation & regulatory fines. Enterprise stakeholders need to address these threats to safeguard against any security risks.

Blue Teaming
Blue Teaming strengthen defenses and maintain continuous vigilance against perceived and real cyberattacks— Before they occur
Syberzen’s Blue Team services provides these services and value with these resources in a time & cost-effective
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Cloud Security
We provide comprehensive solution to cloud security from effectively protecting data, application and cloud infrastructure which runs these applications while ensuring business goals not being compromised.
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Identity & Assess Management-IDAM
Syberzen’s Identity and Access Management services enable in the creation of identities for individuals and managing of privilege rights to critical assets based on their roles in the organization.
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Security Strategy and Assessment
Syberzen’s approach to cybersecurity includes having a current, intimate knowledge of enterprise assets, while regularly undertaking assessments of network perimeter, applications, data, infrastructure, threat modelling and internal systems.
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