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Syberzen’s approach to cybersecurity includes having a current, intimate knowledge of enterprise assets, while regularly undertaking assessments of network perimeter, applications, data, infrastructure, threat modelling and internal systems. These include independent assurance tests that take place annually, or after significant changes to infrastructure, applications, processes or personnel.

Syberzen’s Security Assessments include:

  • Cyber Resilience Assessment: Allows enterprises to better understand their ability to protect its mission critical systems against internal and external cyber threats. To truly guage the preparedness of an enterprise it’s imperative to not just focus on the technical aspects but also continuously review people and processes. Syberzen’s Cyber Resilience Assessment allows enterprises to:
    • Understand weaker links and areas of vulnerability
    • Identify and prioritize remediation and recovery efforts
    • Assess cyber resilience against industry standards
  • Security Gap and Maturity Assessment: Effective security planning should by highly dynamic and it must consider business alignment, security benefit, and resource cost.
    Syberzen’s framework for security gap assessment includes
    • Unique insights into an enterprise’s current state of security and information management capabilities
    • Determination of the maturity targets that are suitable for the enterprise needs against regulatory mappings.
    • Comparison of maturity scores against enterprises of similar size or industry vertical
    • Successful implementation of security and information management initiatives by leveraging prioritized, actionable roadmap
    • We can assess maturity against standards such as ISO27001, NIST, CPS234, SOC2, CSA and OWASP
  • Threat Posture Assessment: The objective of a threat posture assessment is to provide recommendations that maximize the protection of enterprise infrastructure and applications landscape against internal and external threat actors, while still providing functionality and usability.
    Syberzen’s Threat Posture Assessment methodology enables enterprises to:
      • Detect threats and vulnerabilities within enterprises that put most valuable data at risk
      • Treat and mitigate threats and risks in a systematic and repeatable manner
      • Leveraging defensible risk management to optimize security planning and budgeting and faster time to deployment
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Syberzen has been started with an intent to primarily help MSME market with cyber security preparedness and monitoring their environment to protect and remediate its security posture.

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