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Data security and privacy risks are becoming more prominent for both small, medium and large organizations today. Businesses across the globe are facing productivity loss and are running at higher data security risk. Current data protection methods are rendered obsolete due to incessant growth in data generation and usage across multiple data silos/ streams in an organization. Syberzen’s data-centric protection and privacy service offers holistic technology solution to secure sensitive data in your organization across creation, use and transmission. It incorporates a risk-based strategy with leading data protection solutions to protect your organization’s critical data across its lifecycle.

Syberzen’s Data Protection & Privacy Services

Using 5 stage transformational approach.

Syberzen's Data Protection & Privacy offers following services:


Privacy Strategy and Governance


Privacy Design and Implementation


Privacy Impact Assessment


Data Flow Mapping


Privacy Program and Data Management


Privacy & Data Analytics, including anonymization and pseudonymization


Maturity & Gap Assessment


Data Breach notification and Incident Management


Third-party and Vendor Management


Training and Awareness

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About Our Company

Syberzen has been started with an intent to primarily help MSME market with cyber security preparedness and monitoring their environment to protect and remediate its security posture.

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Data Privacy Readiness Assessment:

To give a clear picture on where your organization currently stands with respect to the data privacy, the ‘Readiness Assessment’ is the tool of choice.

A powerful tool to create baseline for privacy based on Syberzen’s Privacy, Security and Governance framework
Used for privacy and cyber assessments and strategy definition

A good starting point for becoming compliant with asks like GDPR and getting a tailored privacy program Instrumental in finding the areas with the biggest risk Used to focus on those areas which most urgently need action to become compliant viz GDPR & PDP (Draft Bill)

Our Differentiator

  • We provide services to our clients for discovering sensitive data assets and information classification.
  • We help organizations in addressing privacy risks by leveraging our multidisciplinary approach of identifying and managing the risks associated with personal data.
  • We augment our data privacy offering with our robust data protection tools and technologies to protect personal data or information.

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We offer virtual Data Protection & Privacy services in several configurations, as well as project-based Data Protection & Privacy services.

For more information, please refer to our Data Protection & Privacy Service offering.

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