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VAPT Services – To make tomorrow better, today.

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying and prioritizing security issues pertaining to Network, Web Applications, Mobile Applications for your organization. VAPT is a mechanism to check the effectiveness of controls on your Network, Web Application and Mobile Apps. Based on the scope the organization provides for scan, we will be evaluating using established vulnerability scanning techniques.

Network Penetration testing is of two types:

  1. External Network VAPT
  2.  Internal Network VAPT.

External Network VAPT targets scanning of external facing network resources to assess the defensive capabilities of your organization external network. Internal Network VAPT is done to evaluate the internal security controls and provide recommendation for its improvement. It also helps in improving the compliance and overall security posture of your organization.

With rise in Digitalization across enterprise many applications are exposed to external access and this has increased the attack surface for application exploitation. Our experts will evaluate the security posture of the applications by simulating real life attack scenarios. This helps in identifying the application security weakness which could be exploited by potential attackers to help organizations close the security flaws in their environment.

We highly recommend enterprises to do this assessment twice in a year by continuously evaluating the environment or as per the regulatory mandate.

Red Team as a service – Best offense is the best defense.
Red Team Assessment is highly targeted offensive operations with the objective to validate organizations detection and response capabilities from an outsider perspective. The intent is to get in and access sensitive information using all the means that a professional hacker would use.

Our real life exercise to emulate APT attacks by experts to test resilience of the detection and response systems of your organization.

Our approach to this service is to Identify exploitable vulnerabilities across customer IT landscape and to compromise the target by gaining access into them with intent to gain control and privileges of systems / user credentials.

Our objective is the strengthen your organizations Information security posture by identifying blind spots in configuration and evaluate strategies, tools, policies and procedures which are ineffective. We provide business risk of the current security posture and enhance teams potency to handle any breaches in a realistic environment.

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Syberzen has been started with an intent to primarily help MSME market with cyber security preparedness and monitoring their environment to protect and remediate its security posture.

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