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In order to combat changing cyber threat landscape, enterprises must assume that their systems have already been infiltrated - or that they will soon be the victims of an attack. It is therefore crucial to recognize infiltration, react quickly to it and optimize the security system proactively. This is exactly why you need a Cyber Defense Centre (CDC), which could be called a next gen Security Operations Centre (SOC).
The reports of targeted hacker attacks and data theft has become a norm- on a large scale. There are numerous such reports to substantiate that the attackers are usually not lone perpetrators; but professionally organized. There is also a division of tasks such as programming malware, sending e-mails, specifically searching for security exploits or providing exploit kits. State sponsored hacking groups are also increasingly attacking not only other state organizations, but also private enterprises – and all of this using almost unlimited resources. That is why enterprises must become even more professional regarding cyber security – and must not only build higher and higher ICT security walls but also build resilience. New security approaches are needed, in which the focus is on detection and the response to attacks is an essential part of the IT processes. If implemented skillfully, prevention can be improved in a targeted and continuous manner. SOC is seen as a crucial development in the area of ​​cyber security in order to counter the increasingly complex, sophisticated attacks. Though every second enterprise state that they run a SOC it is not clear what does a SOC actually do. The focus is primarily on the central monitoring of IT resources and data, the search for signs of attacks and the management of responses to breaches. A SOC can thus be thought of as a “command deck”; and indeed many security operation centers look like this. In this way, cyber attacks are guarded off. In many enterprises, the SOC also has to take care of monitoring security events, which often neglects the detection of attacks, the analysis and the reaction to incidents. So if the objective is to answer help desk queries, the chances of a successful cyber attack are relatively good from an attacker’s perspective.

Syberzen’s Cyber Defense Centre focuses on:

  • Risk identification, detection of security incidents and the response (or recovery).
  • Possible and sensible automation of response tasks for attacks or collecting and correlating data.
  • Complete manning for monitoring, incident response, threat intelligence, threat hunting, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, forensics and cyber pulse reporting.
  • Even distinction and deployment of red team and blue team services to provide complete offensive and defensive coverage for enterprise systems.
  • Holistic platform to detect attacks or infiltration;
  • Highly skilled cyber threat and intelligence analysts and security experts.
  • Clear division of tasks and eminently important team building between the Blue Team (Cyber Security and Cyber Defense experts) and the Red Team(Cyber Threat Analysts and Penetration Testers).
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Syberzen has been started with an intent to primarily help MSME market with cyber security preparedness and monitoring their environment to protect and remediate its security posture.

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Syberzen’s Cyber Defense Centre is equipped with experienced security experts and analysts with decades of combined experience supporting regional and global clients. The services include Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), Vulnerability Management, Threat Hunting and Detection, Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Forensics. These are based on leading detection technologies – also from the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The CDC has a multi-level, physical security concept, whereby the security systems are monitored around the clock, 365 days a year.